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Residential Locksmith

At Richmond Lock & Key, we know all about the frustrations that can arise when you find yourself locked out of your home. That is why we are among those local companies that guarantee a fast response time especially when a residential locksmith problem occurs. From the moment you call to the moment one of our talented team members arrive
residetial-locksmith-services-richmond-lock-and-key-cas at your door, you’ll find that just 30 to 60 minutes passed. Depending on where you live, we may get there even faster. We believe in reducing the frustrations and hassles that you face and helping you get the service you need at an affordable price.

Efficient residential locksmith services

Leaving an extra key outside of your home is potentially dangerous because neighbors and others can use that key to get inside. When you do not have a spare key, though, you risk accidentally locking the door behind you when you run out to get the mail or while bringing in groceries. We understand that some situations may require a faster response time than others, including when you have elderly people locked inside or children trapped in the house, which is why we take steps to get to your home as soon as possible.

Some of our calls come from locals who need help rekeying or changing locks after a messy breakup or divorce. When we rekey locks, we leave you with a copy of your brand new key and ensure that no older key will work in that lock. If you rent a home or apartment and have to evict a tenant in court, we can change or rekey those locks quickly to keep your former tenants from coming back and doing damage to your property. We also offer lock repair services for both homeowners and landlords.

residential-locksmith-richmon-caAs a leading residential locksmith company, we can handle problems related to both your doors and your locks. If you apply just a little too much pressure, you risk breaking your key off in the lock. We can remove that key, rekey the old lock and make other repairs to your front door locks as needed. Customers also call on us when they need a key replacement or a master key replacement. You might have a master key that opens both your front and back doors or a lock on your front door that needs a brand new key.

Leading provider of qualified locksmith assistance

Our emergency locksmith services are available to anyone in Richmond who needs help. Though you might think that our locksmiths only replace locks and make new keys, they can help with keyless door locks too. Keyless locks let you use a simple numeric code to open your door. Some even come with apps that let you lock and unlock your door while away from home too.
When you forget your code, the lock no longer responds to your code, or you have problems connecting that lock back to your home’s security system, call our neighborhood residential locksmith office. At Richmond Lock & Key, we guarantee that we’ll get to your home in 60 minutes or less.