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Locksmith for Realtors

Locksmith services for real estate industrylocksmith for realtors

As a licensed Realtor, your livelihood depends on some factors, including how well you work with your

clients and the protection and security that you offer customers. When selling homes for clients who no longer live in the city or recently moved to a new house, you might use a lock box outside that lets you gain access to that home to show it to other clients. At Richmond Lock & Key, we are a local locksmith for realtors you can truly count on every day.

A lock box typically looks like a small box that attaches to the front door or another spot of the house. It has a small locking mechanism on the front and comes with a key that lets you open that lock to gain access to the keys your clients left behind inside. If you can’t open or unlock that box, you can’t show that house to customers coming by to an open house or a private showing. We know that your job is important to you, which is why we offer lock box services for local real estate agents.

What can you expect from our locksmith for realtors services

When looking online for a real estate locksmith, you might come across problems finding someone willing to take a chance on you. Other companies might not accept your call or come to your location because these enterprises cannot prove that you should have access to that home. Before we send a licensed locksmith to your lockbox location, we take steps to ensure that you are a real estate agent and that the owners of that property gave permission for you to access the lock box. We often let you submit paperwork that shows you have a contract with the homeowners and that you have your real estate license. Once we receive that proof, we’ll contact you right away and schedule a service appointment.

Lockboxes aren’t just for keys. You may use one of these boxes to display your name and contact information as a way of advertising to potential clients. Other agents use these boxes to let prospective buyers pick up paperwork about homes for sale. With our lockbox services, you can get that box open quickly to refill the inside with new brochures and pamphlets or to swap out your posters.

Why to choose us ?

locksmith for realtors richmond ca  As a locksmith for Realtors, we understand that you might have multiple appointments set up for later in the day and that you cannot necessarily be there when we arrive. That is why we offer lock and key services that we can do while you are on another job site. We can rekey or replace the lock and make arrangements for you to pick up your new key from our local Realtor locksmith shop. Our clients can also request that we leave that new key with an office representative for additional convenience. As the leading choice for a locksmith for real estate agents, Richmond Lock & Key offers convenient solutions for all your real estate lock box problems.