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Auto Locksmith


Locking your keys in your car is no laughing matter. While you might be lucky enough to have a loved one nearby with a spare key, you never know when you might find yourself stuck without your keys and with nowhere to turn. At Richmond Lock & Key, we are your ultimate choice for an auto locksmith. When an emergency strikes and you need help right away, we are just one call away. You’ll find that we offer all the services that you need for car, truck and SUV locks.

Older vehicles often feature standard keys that unlock doors, unlock the trunk and start the engine. Manufacturers began using transporter or transponder keys in 1995 that contain a specialized chip inside. Unless your car recognizes that chip, your key won’t work. We can make a replacement transporter key that helps you get back inside your car and back on the road again. As one of the leading local locksmiths, we can also make replacements of newer keys that let you start your vehicle without even putting the key in the ignition.

Experience and professional attitude

The range of services that we offer and the professional attitude that all our locksmiths have will make you feel completely confident about using us as your automotive locksmith. One of the more common scams found in our industry today involves a locksmith company advertising all across the country. Those companies then contract out to locals who have little to no experience. When you call one of those companies for help, you might find that the so-called “professional” breaks your ignition, damages your lock or charges you more than the company quoted you over the phone. We always do our best to ensure that our customers get the services that they need at a great price.

Broad variety of car locksmith services

Many of the calls we receive involve locked keys in car. You might lock your doors without thinking and realize that your keys are still in the ignition or on your seat. Our locksmiths can come right to your current location, get the door open and get your keys back to you faster than you could get help from a dealership or a loved one. We can also assist with a key stuck in ignition. Using too much force or using a damaged key can result in the key becoming stuck, but we have the experience necessary to remove that key without damaging your lock. If you damage the ignition yourself, you can turn to us for ignition repair.

Some of the calls we handle every day also come from those who need replacement keys. When you misplace your keys, we can make a car key copy that gets you back on your way again. Whether it’s an older key for a 1980s or vintage car, or it’s a key for a brand new model, we have what it takes to make a car key replacement. For all types of automotive keys, turn to Richmond Lock & Key for professional and experienced help.