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There are many reasons to be concerned with a lost or stolen car key. If you’ve been vandalized or believe that your vehicle’s locks have been compromised, it’s time for a rekey or replacement. We specialize in automotive key relocking services. Call us anytime, and we will come to you and replace all of the locks on your vehicle and give you a new set of keys. We can also do a rekeying service. This involves changing out some components on your vehicle as well as the inner workings of your locking systems. This can save you money while still keeping your vehicle safe and secure.


Your home and property are more than just an investment, it’s your own private sanctuary. A place where you can relax and enjoy your life without no boundaries—until someone compromises your space. A home invasion or common threat to your property can leave you on pins and needles. Take away the worry with one phone simple phone call to us—and we’ll take care of the rest. Our priority is your safety. We will replace all of the locks in your home and add additional security measures to your locking systems to ensure that no one but you will gain access beyond the doors.


Security is a top priority for any commercial business. You have a lot more than just a front and back access door to worry about with unwanted access. Warehouses, storage, and office space are likely also a top safety concern. Here at Richmond Lock & Key, we have the expertise to evaluate and install the best locking systems and replacement locks available on the market today. We have options to match your needs as well as your budget.


Have you been locked out of your car? Home or Business? Keep us on your speed dial, because we are the top-rated business in the Richmond area for around-the-clock locking services. We will come to you, at any time, and help to restore access to your:
*Vehicle, also trailer, truck, and motorcycle storage components
*Home, including mailbox locks, patio doors, and windows
*Business, such as file cabinets and desk locks


If you’re a realtor in the Richmond or surrounding areas, we specialize in setting up a locking system that works for you. If you’re unable to access a home, we can help you gain access and replace a lock if necessary. We can also assist with programmable lock boxes and digital locking mechanisms. We are available anytime for your convenience. Whether you locked your keys in your car, or you lost your keys, or for any key or locking issue, we have a 24 hr locksmith on call. Contact us right away!