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At Richmond Lock & Key, we believe that you should never put off tomorrow what you can do today. That applies to the locksmith services that we offer too. Other local companies put so much focus on money that you might find yourself paying more than you can afford to replace or repair the lock on your home or car. You can read reviews and do some research online to see how much companies charge, but to get an exact quote today, you can use our free estimate quote.

We work hard to get ahead of the competition and to provide our customers with the best locksmith services around. Many companies will give you a quote over the phone or online and then send a technician out to you. That technician will suddenly find “problems” or “issues” that lead to you paying twice as much or even more for the services that you need. We try to keep our locksmith prices set in stone. Unless something completely or unexpected happens, we usually finish your job at or near the quote we gave you. Some jobs may even cost less than we originally quoted!

Once you click on the free quote button, you can give us some information about why you need a local locksmith. Make sure that you provide us with at least your first name, a valid email address and a phone number. We recommend using your cell phone number, which ensures that you can answer our call anywhere you go. Use the message section to list details about your specific job. We’ll use all the information you provide to determine your locksmith cost and to give you an accurate quote. You can give us more information over the phone to get an even more accurate idea of the job’s cost.

While we can provide you with a quote based on your online information, we recommend that you call us directly when you need an emergency locksmith. Emergency jobs may cost more because we need to bring specialized tools with us to the job site and because we need to react faster. As a 24 hours locksmith, we can come to you in the middle of the weekend, on a holiday or even late at night. Some examples of emergency calls include:

  • locked keys inside vehicle
  • broken key in front door
  • nonfunctional smart lock at home or work

Are you searching for a cheap locksmith but still want someone professional? Whether you need to change the locks after a bad break up, want to replace the locks on a rental property after evicting tenants or need instant access to a lock box or locked cabinet, you can request a quote for help online. As locksmith professionals, we can remove stuck keys and replace locks without damaging the door itself. Getting the locksmith services that you need starts with our convenient online form. Contact Richmond Lock & Key today to fix your home, car, lock box or any other lock.