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Replacing or Rekeying a Lock – What to choose for your car safety

Safety and security are likely your number one priority with your vehicle. Keeping your car safe from thieves and vandalism starts with not only a good security system but also a good key access system. If you need new keys for your vehicle, because they were either lost or stolen, reusing the same set of keys still keeps your car and possessions at high risk for others to access. Here at Richmond Lock & Key we specialize in lock repair and replacing or rekeying a lock and key ignition. To decide what option is best for you, understanding how both work is important.

Lock Replacement

Many car owners choose a total lock replacement when they call us. This means we remove the entire key-toolskey ignition system and each lock that has access to the vehicle, including the trunk. From there, we replace the entire key system with a brand new one which means new locks and new keys. It’s a great option if you’ve had a vandalism issue or the threads to your ignition have been stripped.

Service’s important features

*Price: If you need to replace a lock, the cost of an entire auto lock replacement is significantly more than just rekeying a locking system. This is because everything needs to be removed and replaced. The benefit is that it’s safer, especially if you’re not sure who else may still have access to your vehicle. It’s worth the cost because now you have an updated key access system that will last the life of the vehicle.

*Time: Replacing the entire locking system on your car does take time. When changing locks, expect a turnaround time of about an hour to two hours, depending on any issues that may arise in between.

*Difficulty: Lock replacement is not a difficult task for our qualified team of locksmiths. The problem may occur if there is a cosmetic or particular issue with your vehicle, such as additional auto add-ons that you may have on your vehicle that could make access to the locks more difficult.

Rekeying a Lock

rekeying a lockIf you’re trying to keep your budget in check, but still need new key access to your car, consider rekeying. Somewhat similar to replacement, rekeying uses many of your existing lock components to help you save money and time to get new keys. With rekeying, we remove the inner portion of your vehicle’s locking system. From there, some parts are replaced with new wafers, springs and face caps to generate a new locking pattern that requires new keys.

Service’s important features

*Price: Rekeying your vehicle is priced slightly less than a total key replacement. It helps keep you on track financially if you’re considering cost effectiveness. Some things to consider though is if you need emergency 24-hour locksmith service or you need immediate on-site assistance, the cost may be more. Call and talk to one of our qualified customer services representatives to get an approximate quote or cost estimate.

*Time: If you choose to rekey your vehicle’s locks, expect the time to be an hour or less, depending on accessibility to your vehicle. Again, any vehicle upgrades or add-ons to the existing exterior or locking system can increase the overall time of completion.

*Difficulty: When you have your locks rekeyed, you’re choosing the simplest option of upgrading your lock system. Rekeying is not difficult as long as there are no cosmetic or structural obstacles for the locksmith to deal with.

Rekeying is a quick and economical choice to gaining new access to your vehicle.

Keeping you and your passengers safe and sound, starts with a secure locking system in your car. Contact us now for any lock emergency or safety concern you have for your vehicle.

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