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About Us

Welcome to Richmond Lock & Key, your one stop shop for locksmith services in Richmond, California. Our owner opened our company after learning the problems that homeowners and other local residents had finding qualified and dependable locksmiths in the city. We now offer a wide range of services that you can book over the phone or online, and you can even request a service quote via our website.

For Realtors

real-estate-locksmith-richmond-lock-and-keyAs a locksmith for Realtors, we understand that a minor mistake can severely impact your reputation. If you lose your key to a client’s lock box, you risk someone finding that key, getting inside the box, stealing the key to the house and destroying or robbing that home. You may also use a lock box to store promotional or marketing materials about your company or a particular home for sale. After verifying your identity, proving that you are a licensed Realtor and that you have access to that box, we can unlock and open it or rekey the lock. You can then get that new key from one of our technicians or in our office, and we can drop that key off for you too.

Residential and Commercial Propertiesresidetial-locksmith-services-richmond-lock-and-key-ca


When looking for a local locksmith, you might need a commercial locksmith to help you at the office or a
residential locksmith to assist you at home. Our simple promise to you states that we will respond to all types of calls in less than an hour to reduce the time that you spend standing outside in the cold and the time you spend worrying about your property. Our technicians have experience working with expensive commercial locks, smart locks, old-fashioned door locks and everything in between.


Car Help

Did you do a search for a locksmith near me because you just realized that you slammed your car door without grabbing your keys first? As a 24 hours locksmith company, we can come to you at any time of the day or night. When you lose your car keys or lock your keys in your vehicle, you might spend hours sitting on the side of the road until AAA comes or you can contact someone with a spare key. Instead of wasting your day and worrying about your security, call us to get a technician out to your vehicle.

Emergency Supportemergency-locksmith-richmond-lock-and-key

Though you can put off some lock problems until a loved one arrives or you have a little more time, you may have an emergency situation that requires immediate attention. Don’t keep your shop doors closed because the key broke off inside, and don’t leave your front door unlocked because you need to get to work. As your ultimate locksmith, we offer lock and key services designed for everyone. Our emergency locksmith services let you get professional help faster than you ever thought possible.

Let Richmond Lock & Key be your top choice for all lock problems. Use our handy estimate form to see how much a home or auto locksmith will cost.